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Franny Lou’s Porch  |  Monthly Newsletter

Hello Neighbors,
Just wanted to put out a huge thank you to so many of you who reached out and offered resources and support after we had a few burglaries the last week of October. From building some support bars to our windows, offering techie support, donating money for our losses, to donating a security system to our space! (BTW Check out Pat Mendes with Smart Home Pros! – patrick.mendes@smarhomepros.com)
We also recieved a grant from EKNA to spruce up our side yard for fall/winter gatherings!
This year has been a rough one, starting and facilitating a new space. However, the Franny Lou Tribe feels supported and excited for what is next. Be sure to check out our new events and new offerings! In order for us to stay active as a positive community space, we need your help.

peace to you!
Blew Kind      

This Month at Franny Lou’s …

11/10 Every Friday – Herb Hour w/ Terri …a ReTalks Workshop 10am-12pm
We will be building our materia medica on herb at a time
round table discussion. Free and open to all!
Led by Terri Simmons of Luna y Sol Midwifery & Family Wellness
11/11 Saturday – Fall Community Yard Sale  9am-1pm
Fun day to clean out our basements and attics! Come sell your old stuff to neighbors at Franny Lous! $20 a spot!
If you need a table, let us know ahead of time if we should rent one, additional fees may apply.
Here is the event page! Let us know you will be there.

11/11 Saturday – ReTalks Workshop : Soap making w/ Momma Phoenix Co 3:30-5pm
Come make soap! All ages! $10 with a 5% discount on Franny Lous menu.
Check out The Momma Phoenix  their website!

11/12 & 11/19 Sunday – Tribe Art Classes : Afro-Poetry (all ages) 3:00-4:30pm
11/14 & 11/28 Tuesday – Tribe Art Classes : Afro-Poetry (grown folk)5:30pm-7pm
Would you like to teach an Tribe Art Class? Let us know! Email at blew@frannylousporch.org                       
Sliding Scale $10-$15  :  Learn – Imagine – Create – Relate
5% discount on Franny Lous menu
We learn
about Afro-Poets, current & past.
about poetry & public speaking
We engage in our imagination
relearn and foster
how to access the depth of our mind
We create from what we learn
boosted from our human experience
We relate and share our words
showing each other
how we need one another
to grow,
and cause
some positive damage
to this wild world we live in.

11/13 Monday – Calling all Franny Lou Lovers! Investors / Seed Share Talk 6:00pm-7:30pm
Do you love the presence of Franny Lous? Would you like Franny Lous to grow & continue provide safe, family oriented spaces that promote justice and community voice?
Blew Kind of Franny Lous Porch will have a presentation to show:
where we have came from – what we have been doing – who have we been loving – where we need to go
and what we need to get there. There will also be discussion on why you think Franny Lous is sweet, and where do you see this radical café going. Blew will be offering opportunities to invest whether it be through seed shares (giving $25-$300 and receiving back more in store credit) or community loans.
Complimentary tea and treats will be available.

11/19 Sunday– Tribe Art Class : Folktales & Crafts 3:00-4:30pm
We must remember our roots
and learn how to be good humans
through the stories of our past.

Sliding scale $10-$15, kids under 10- $5

Blew will lead in an engaging folktale
Adrienne will lead an applied craft to the folktale
Both professional artists & mothers.. who see the need to keep passing wisdom and relearning together.

Tribe Art Classes: 
affordable art classes, taught by local Philadelphia artists.
We need to support artists & practice our creativity so we can solve the problems of today
and be better humans.

Thanksgiving Schedule at Franny Lous 
11/22 Wednesday – Close early 7am-4pm
11/23 Thursday – Thanksgiving, Closed
11/24 Friday – Short hours 8am-4pm

12/9 Saturday – Afro Village Craft & Gift Market 3pm-8pm
Buy from Black Makers and Businesses! here at Franny Lous!
We have spots available for $30 each.
Deadline to save a spot is 11/25. We will have indoor and outisde spots. First come first serve for inside spaces. Email blew@frannylousporch for application process.

We will have a bonfire in the side yard for hot cocoa & roasting marshmallows.

Other events we will be present at …

Get Free Fest November 10 & 11th 
Join Philadelphia-based healing practitioners and yoga instructors for a weekend of wellness. Featuring couples yoga, Thai massage, Kemetic yoga, yin, vinyasa, guided journaling, meditation and more.

$20 for full weekend before Nov 8th
$15 per day
$25 full weekend at the door

Visit bit.ly/GetFreeFest to purchase tickets.

ReTalks: ReThink ReLearn ReUse ReAct
…and of course Relate

Regular discussions, workshops, lectures, skill-shares on how to go back to roots, learn about what’s going on/has gone on, and live in a way that is radical, tangible, and loveable.
Tribe Art Classes
Affordable art classes for all levels
Taught by local Philadelphia artists.
We support artists & practice our creativity
so we can solve the problems of today
and be better humans.
We host meetings and gatherings!
For $20 an hour you can reserve the back room
Along with discounts on our merchandise
Email blew@frannylousporch.org to mark it in the calendar!

Have you seen our
new Menu?

  • We are now on Grub Hub & Eat 24 (Yelp)
  • We are available to cater & host events

/ /   Other Happenings   \ \

Our special this week is hot apple cider and our new focaccia bread!

Come participate in our poll for the month of  November:  “Have you noticed that children are not welcome to many spaces? How this culture is geared toward singleness? What about children do we need to learn & experience to be better humans?”

Come see the answers from our last months poll question “If you could as a group of elders or experts in a field, what would it be?”