Poetry classes, Book Reading, Movie Potluck, End the Death Penalty!

Posted on Jan 11, 2017


This Week at Franny Lou’s …

Wednesday, 1/18 : 12pm : Book Reading with Dolores Miller 

Philadelphia poet, essayist and writer Dolores Miller will read from her two collections, Beautiful Warrior and Rising Above the Beauty of Life.

Dolores is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. While she was blessed to be rescued from that situation and adopted by a loving family, she had repressed memories and long-lasting psychological effects from her trauma. Her writing tells the story of how she processed the memories that only came back to her in her thirties and how she came to be in a better place in life.

Wednesday, 1/11 : 3:30pm : Poetry Class with Blew for Young Folk! 14-18years sliding scale $5-$15 (Every Wednesday)

Saturday, 1/14 : 2:30pm : Poetry Class with Blew for Grown Folk!  sliding scale $5-$15(Every other Saturday)

A safe space to engage in your creativity to imagine outside our reality.
We will read and learn from past and current Afro Poets
Discover and build your voice
Sharpen public speaking skills
and Relate to others.

Blew Kind is a multidisciplinary performer. She has been writing poetry for about 18 years as well as studied the Meisner technique at UArts. She loves connecting ideas and struggles with metaphor so the audience can touch a bit of compassion for others outside themselves. She has been teaching and performing in the Philadelphia area for about 8 years in public & private schools, justice protests and conferences, as well as black empowerment events. Putting voice to words and feelings can be a greatway toward healing and connection.. bridging gaps, causing a bit of revolution one word at a time..

The goal is after 5 classes, there will be a presentation of our class work together, both young folk and grown folk.
Email blew if interested! @ blewfeather@gmail.com

sliding scale: $5-$15
bring a notebook
No experience necessary
all class attendees recieve 5% off any franny lous food or beverage

Monthly Potluck and Movie Night

We aspire to bring our community together, so we now host a monthly family-friendly Potluck and Movie Night. Don’t forget to find the Facebook event and to add Friday January 27th to your calendar Do come and bring a dish to share! We forgot to put this on our monthly calender newsletter!! oops. We will be posting a facebook event shortly 🙂

New online catering form!

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End the Death Penalty Protest and Action in DC! 
Why fight violence with more violence? We, as country, are pretty excited to kill for our “freedom” and “safety” But true transformation comes from “doing unto others as you want to be treated.” Our very own Blew Kind will be speaking on the connection with the Death Penalty and the old Lynching that has happened in the US. Good stuff! If you haven’t read it yet, Philly’s Shane Claiborne’s new book Executing Grace is a good read. He will also be present at this event. Philly is showin’ up!Here is the Facebook Event