Intern at Franny Lous Summer 2017

Posted on Jun 5, 2017


Interested in funding an intern at Franny Lous??

We have a 14 year old neighbor, Ty’mon, who doesn’t have plans this summer and would like to intern here at the Porch. I don’t have the money to pay him, however, he needs to get paid. I wondered if a group of us can adopt him and pay for his internship. I have an internship system already organized to help our community space flow swell and provide skills for the interns to put on their resume.

If I have him 3 days for 3 hours each at $7 an hour. That’s $252 a month. The goal is to raise enough for 2 months/8 weeks. That’s $504.

Lets provide safe and generative spaces for our black boys here in Philly!

Email me at if you are interested

Diversity tree hands pattern

Diversity tree hands pattern